Article no. Name
T 5131 Pillion exchange pegs
T 5031 3D footboards
Exhaust system Jekill & Hyde
T-200 exhaust pipes for Jek. & Hyde
T-1011 engine spoiler
T-4071 Stretch Tank Shell GFK
T-4081 Dash GFK
T-210 aluminum fuel tank cover
T-4101 stretch side panels
T-4021 Design Case 4 inch stretch
T-4033 Design Tail Fender 4 inch stretch
T-3021 front panel OEM for 26 to 30 inch front wheel
T-4090 front fender 26 inches
Bolt-on with TÜV blessing

The most visually striking change is of course the 26 “front wheel from our own production, which was redesigned and received as a special gimmick a perimeter brake disc – which not only looks cool, but also has a better effect than conventional disc brakes due to the larger diameter. In addition, a set of NLC 6-piston calipers was fitted, which can be fitted to the standard fork with special brackets. Touring bikes usually end at 23 inches because the space between the wheel and the frame is not enough to accommodate a larger wheel.

But again, NLC has created a bolt-on solution: With the neck kit, the front wheel, including the TÜV blessing, moves into the right position to be able to run free. The well-calculated geometry ensures good handling. The most important thing is that nothing has to be separated, polished or changed and the bike can be returned to its original state if required. For the attachments, the team drew on years of experience in fiberglass construction. The newly developed tank cover can be fitted precisely over the standard tank and, in combination with side covers, suitcases and rear section, results in a new, flat and sporty line.

Beauty treatment for the engine –The front bezel has also been redesigned and now not only visually matches the rest of the parts, but also picks up the headlight so that it does not shine into the sky despite the rake of the fork bridge being changed. The engine of the bike remained intact, but an open air filter and a “Jekill & Hyde” exhaust system with self-made end caps in conjunction with a mapping for a decent ventilation of the engine. It looks quite different with the external attachments. NLC has designed their own line for the project to brighten up the engine: A milled from the solid primary lid with sight glass, a motor cover for the right side and a horn cover give it a new look, which is underlined by the use of plenty of blue. New running boards as well as a shift / brake unit with additional passenger pits in the Contrast Cut complete the NLC excavator kit.

On request Aride –All parts can of course also be bought and assembled individually, so a project does not have to be implemented in one fell swoop. NLC boss Holger adds that, of course, other measures are possible, such as the upgrade with an Airride that can be accommodated in the five-inch suitcases, or other parts that are already installed on a second excavator project.